Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Harvest 2013


Eagle Valley Hops Estate is pleased to have produced a quality harvest.                       

Although it proved to be a challenging year battling Mother Nature, with a couple of very rainy months and then record heat, we are pleased to announce that we successfully increased our yield by 500%! 

Our  crop was handpicked this year, which ensures purity of product and our low heat drying process further protects the integrity of the oils.   Eagle Valley Hops Estate pelletizes using a Whole Leaf Pelletizer.  Not using the industry standard hammer mill, which further degrades the lupilin, this unit provides the benefit of the whole leaf flavour with the convenience of pellets.  All our product is nitrogen flushed, vacuum-sealed and packaged in 1 lb. mylar packages.

Here are the results as well as the products we are offering:


  Variety             Alpha             Beta                     H.S.I.                           Price/lb.        Availability

Cascade             10.2                    7.2                     0.212                             $15.70            

Centennial        11.5                    4.0                      0.250                            $17.65

Hallertau            4.9                    3.6                      0.284                            $15.75

Willamette         5.8                      4.7                     0.284                            $15.65
We look forward to hearing from you!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

We have product


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Here's what we have:
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