Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Harvest 2018

      After a long silence, 


The last couple of years have been challenging as we were busy building our new field and all the dilemmas that came with it...flooding, late starts because of snow...etc
but we survived it all and are happy to announce that the harvest of 2018 has been our most successful crop to date.
Here are some of the pictures of the farm this year:

We had a dream team of workers this year...starting in April with Thibaut, Priska, Harold, PG, Nano, Magda and Sophia!
These young people put their all into training and striping the plants!
During the summer we were graced by Porter and Kirsty who went over and above with leftover hop things and regular farm work.
September arrived and brought with it a group of people who stunned us with their work ethics...
Flavia, Lucie, Dario and the return of Porter and Kirsty!!
Don't remember a harvest that went so smoothly and quickly, this group worked tirelessly and each had their gifting...
We are forever grateful!
Our year of blessings didn't finish with harvest as we had a fun loving, hardworking couple from Wales, Hywel and Alex, and a young lad Josh from Germany who prepared our fields for a winter sleep and spring 
We would also like to give a huge 
You are the most valuable asset we have and none of it would be possible without your love and support!!

If you are interested in purchasing any of our remaining 
2018 products,
we have:


Call or email us for pricing and brewing values!

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Spring Brewing?

Spring Brewing?

Call us if you are looking for Cascade or Willamette

We have a limited supply of 2015 hop pellets available.

Good deals to be had as we need to blow these out to make room for
the 2016 season!

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Spring 2015


The season is in full swing with the hops already stretching their tentacles to the top of the wire!! 
An early harvest is plausible if this incredible weather keeps up.
Ask us about ordering fresh hops!


If this is climate change I like it!
The incredibly beautiful start to spring has allowed us to begin prep work in the fields!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014



When the last of the snow finally receded our newly cleared field stretched before us
like a blank canvas, ready for planting.
Eagle Valley Hops Estate is proud to introduce three new hop varieties:


These varieties will be available for sale 2015

We are hoping for another bumper crop in 2014 of our existing, Cascades, Centennial,
Hallertau and Willamette.

With our crop expansion comes the purchase of a harvester!
I am filled with mixed emotions...looking forward to the faster process, but
sad at the loss of community when our friends and family gathered to pick hops.
Onward and Upward!!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Harvest 2013


Eagle Valley Hops Estate is pleased to have produced a quality harvest.                       

Although it proved to be a challenging year battling Mother Nature, with a couple of very rainy months and then record heat, we are pleased to announce that we successfully increased our yield by 500%! 

Our  crop was handpicked this year, which ensures purity of product and our low heat drying process further protects the integrity of the oils.   Eagle Valley Hops Estate pelletizes using a Whole Leaf Pelletizer.  Not using the industry standard hammer mill, which further degrades the lupilin, this unit provides the benefit of the whole leaf flavour with the convenience of pellets.  All our product is nitrogen flushed, vacuum-sealed and packaged in 1 lb. mylar packages.

Here are the results as well as the products we are offering:


  Variety             Alpha             Beta                     H.S.I.                           Price/lb.        Availability

Cascade             10.2                    7.2                     0.212                             $15.70            

Centennial        11.5                    4.0                      0.250                            $17.65

Hallertau            4.9                    3.6                      0.284                            $15.75

Willamette         5.8                      4.7                     0.284                            $15.65
We look forward to hearing from you!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

We have product


2012 Product

Here's what we have:
Call us or email us to place your order!

Friday, 9 November 2012

Finished Product

Freshly Picked Hops

Vigilant daily checking allowed the hops to be picked at the height of ripeness

Dried Hops


After picking, the hops were laid in drying racks and dried with a soft blowing heat to standard dryness.
The bright yellow luplin is gold to growers and brewers alike!


Sounds of whirring and grinding fill the air as the dried hops are transformed into
vibrant and fragrant pellets.
Our hops were sent off to be analysised and the results were great.  Eagle Valley Hops Estate is pleased to have produced a quality product. 
Here are the results as well as the products we are offering:
  Variety             Alpha             Beta                     H.S.I.                           Price/lb

Cascade            11.0                  7.0                        0.209                              $13.70

Centennial        13.0                  4.8                        0.222                              $15.65

Hallertau           7.2                   4.1                        0.244                              $13.75

Willamette        6.8                    4.7                        0.208                              $13.65