Friday, 9 November 2012

Finished Product

Freshly Picked Hops

Vigilant daily checking allowed the hops to be picked at the height of ripeness

Dried Hops


After picking, the hops were laid in drying racks and dried with a soft blowing heat to standard dryness.
The bright yellow luplin is gold to growers and brewers alike!


Sounds of whirring and grinding fill the air as the dried hops are transformed into
vibrant and fragrant pellets.
Our hops were sent off to be analysised and the results were great.  Eagle Valley Hops Estate is pleased to have produced a quality product. 
Here are the results as well as the products we are offering:
  Variety             Alpha             Beta                     H.S.I.                           Price/lb

Cascade            11.0                  7.0                        0.209                              $13.70

Centennial        13.0                  4.8                        0.222                              $15.65

Hallertau           7.2                   4.1                        0.244                              $13.75

Willamette        6.8                    4.7                        0.208                              $13.65


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Making the first cut. 

    Not a bad yield for second year growth!
 Off to the "Pluck and Cluck" gang!
Eagle Valley Hops Estate is grateful to all the
fabulous "hop-eteers" who gave up their
time to help get the 2012 crop harvested.
We are blessed to have so many good people in our lives!!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Eagle Valley Hops Estate is on its way to harvesting for the first time. Jumping in to the fray two years ago, we invested heavily, especially in the sweat equity department. After a rocky start to the 2012 growing season, battling flooding and cold temperatures, the dog days of summer kicked in and sent our crop spiralling skyward. Those incredible plants grew a foot a day, budding into tender lupulin laden cones awaiting the harvesting process.